Sunday, March 8, 2009

Bobo Nose is sooooo smart!

Our precious son has been doing soooo well. Ethan get's 3 therapy's weekly, OT (occupational therapy), PT (Physical Therapy) and his in-home Global Therapist (Fine & Gross Motor Skills). We are on our way to getting his G-tube (stomach feeding tube) out and he is eating all of his feeds during the day orally. This is a HUGE accomplishment for our little guy and we couldn't be more proud. Based on his last assessment, Ethan is in the 12-15 months in communication and 15-18 months in cognition and comprehension. That news was such a blessing to us.... Ethan can now sign 9 signs to us:




-All Done





-Thank You

He lights up our world and we feel so blessed to be his parents!

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