Tuesday, March 10, 2009

I've created a MONSTER!!!

Well our little girl has reached the age where she is starting to find "herself" and who she wants to be. I didn't realize how big of an impact I was on her (how could I be so blind). My bay girl and I finished watching Twilight tonight (yes, I already have the DVD...don't ask how) and she is HOOKED...hardcore! I won't let her read the books yet, I feel she is still too young, but I did let her watch the movie and covered her eyes on the *Kissing* scene...but she is IN LOVE!!! That's all she can talk about now! She wants to be just like Mommy....not to mention that she is well aware of my infatuation with Cupcakes, and loves them too. It's sooooo cute, I check her homework every night and on almost all of her paperwork is a hidden cupcake that she has drawn...awwww I love my lil mini me!

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