Saturday, April 4, 2009

ok, finally I finally found the time to post these pics of our trip....

My babies before we went into Northwest's sorta like the Wild Animal Park, but only had animals that are indigenous to the area.

Ethan LOVED Paull's drum set...Ethan has a drum at home, but he's never rocked out like he did here!!! Such a happy boy!

The family in Seattle.

The Lawlers and the Durbins...wreaking havoc where ever we go!

Bobby and his Boyfriend...
Playing Peek-a-boo with my little man...he was crakin up!
Suprise, was COLD enought to It was the first time Ally, Ethan, and I saw the snow FALL! After this pic was taken Ally proceeded to make her first snow man in the snow!

"Welcome to Forks...."

Replica of Bella's truck outside of the Forks Chamber of Commerce.

This store was a friggin MAD HOUSE!!! So may people,...I almost had to lay b*tches out cause they were in my damn way! lol I bought my "Bite Me" shotglass there...

They have a spot reserved for "Dr. Cullen" outside the Emergency Unit of the hospital in Forks. Justin compared our trip to going to Santa's Village! lol I could see what he meant as the trip went on.This was supposed to be Bella's house...I would be PISSED if I was the person who lived there...people were in thier front yard taking pics left and right all day long!!!
The school sign they duplicated for the movie
This is supposed to be the Cullen's's really a B&B.

This is how I imagined Forks while reading the books... love this pic

This was the sign that indicated the boundry of Forks and The Quileute Indian huh (my hubs is such a good sport...)

First Beach @ La was GORGEOUS there...they had these rock moutains right in the middle of the water...they were HUGE! When were were there, off in the distance there was a school of Killer was RAD!
Sitting on beach wood...right before the tide almost soaked me, Jen and

Seriously, friggin GORGEOUS...

The trip was WAY too short, I already miss my Best Friend. :( But we'll be back...maybe sooner than later....

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