Sunday, May 3, 2009

My baby isn't a baby anymore....

Wow, so it's been a while since I've been on here...but I thought I would post an "Extra Long" blog to make up for

So our "baby" girl turned 10 on 4/29, and since that was a Wednesday, we decided to celebrate her birthday the weekend before. About 3 years ago, my husband and I, promised Ally that we would get her a limo for her 10th b-day...well somehow time flew by and the day finally came....

After long deliberation with Al, as to where we should go once we were in the limo, we decided on a place that I used to go to as a kid. The Corvette Diner has been in the city of Hillcrest for 20+ years....the funniest part, is the day after we went was the LAST day the Diner would be in Hillcrest! THANKFULLY they are re-locating and we'll be able to all go back there anytime after July 2009.

Well we all had an AMAZING time, I know I won't forget it...I hope our BIG girl doesn't either...


APRIL 25th 2009 "Ally's 10th Birthday/Limo Party"

The Birthday girl waiting for her ride.
We LOOOOOOVE Polka dots!!!!
Her 1st time in a limo!!!
Classy--She rides in She was soooooo excited!!
Brit & Al -- BFF
lol, the only set of Irish and Spanish Twins I've ever seen.
2 mommys
Awww, I love my mommy

Lou, Grammy, Sammy, Brit, and Al
What a ham!!!!!!
Toasting with their sparkling cider.
We're here! We're here! Hurry and take a picture (before your ass gets run over by a car. lol)
SWITCH!!!! Momma's turn to be in the picture.
One of my favorite pics of the whole day!
Ally and Brit--being goobs.... lol
My 2 mommas...Grammy Lizzy and Gramma Donna
Momma and her girls...(we get our good looks from her side of the
So much fun! and soooo yummy!
lol, I look like i'm plotting something evil
So hot........
Momma Lizzy and her "Black Cow" it looks bigger than her! ha! (the creepy guy in the background kept staring at us all the WHOLE friggin time...him and his wife....weirdos)
"Brown eye"....errr.....I mean "Brown Cow" anyone?!?!?!?? (mom and sis)
All the Girls--Corvette Diner-Hillcrest, Ca, 4-25-09
This guy was HILARIOUS...and made some pretty rad balloon stuff....though our kids didn't want anything "too crazy"
Al's Balloon Penguin.
"What's that? A hat. Crazy funky junky hat" (Wizards of Waverly Place...if you dont have a 9/10yr old, you prob have no clue what I'm talking
Home at Last...what a day.

APRIL 29th 1999 - APRIL 29th 2009: Ally's Birthay--Party at the House

She wanted a "Funfetti" cake with Strawberry I made her a double layer "Funfetti" cake with Strawberry Frosting....sooooo yummy!
Think hard about her Birthday Wish
.........The End..........

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