Sunday, July 25, 2010

4 Years ago today I was......

...On my way home from my honeymoon. Justin and I went to an "all-inclusive" resort called Moon Palace in Cancun, MEX for 7 days. We had such an amazing time, and let me tell you, all-inclusive is DEFINITELY the way to go! We always talked about going back one day and bringing the kids, but I want to wait until they are all a little older, since water activities are the main recreation. Here are some pics of our awesome honeymoon...ENJOY! :)

The hubs on the airport trolley ("Look kids, Big Ben, Parliament!" *inside joke* LMAO)

Random sitting area throughout the Resort

These guys were EVERYWHERE!!!!!

...So where these guys...

So we took a picture with (the one I'm holding is trying to bite my rhinestone off! WTF! lol)

My FAVORITE bar!!! All the chairs were swings!

Justin and his INFAMOUS margaritas! He had A LOT of those during the trip! lol

Every room (i think) had a Hot Tub in it!

Housekeeping would come in everyday and make cool towel art...Oh and on a side note, there was a fridge in the room as well. Everyday they would re stock it with soda, beer, and water bottles, all free of charge. Like I said, ALL INCLUSIVE IS THE ONLY WAY TO GO! lol

"Newlyweds!" :)

Waiting for the bus to take us into town

Everyone told us, if you go to Cancun you HAVE to do the "Jungle Cruise" so we did... It was so much fun!

Justin was very excited that you can buy Cubans over there! Can't you tell! lol

We went to Talum, a Mayan Ruin, one was an all day event but was so much fun and amazing to see these ruins that are still standing, even after all the hurricanes that hot Cancun!

The water was so beautiful!

Our Honeymoon was one of the best trips I have ever been on, and the fact that I could share it all with my best friend, made it even better...If you're thinking about taking a vacation, I would totally recommend "Moon Palace Golf Resort," It's absolutely beautiful, and so romantic. <3

The Cupcake Queen


Anonymous said...

HA HA, I totally know about the inside joke.. How many times did you go around the airport? Did you count? LMAO! That place looks totally amazing!


Ashley Jean said...

LMAO! OMG, Jennifer, it was like 5 or 6 times, NO JOKE! Only to be told that we were too late to check in (thanks to our little ride on the trolley)and had to HAUL ASS from Ontario, Int. to John Wayne airport in Orange County...SCARIEST.RIDE.EVER! lol

Kayla T said...

Beautiful pics! I do miss your hair like that, but then again, I love red on you too, you can pull off pretty much any hair color though!!