Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Not Enough Hours in the Day

So the Blog has Def been put on the back burner...between working full time, and raising 3 kids full time, I just cant seem to find a free moment to sit down and blog. :(

Here are some updates:

Justin and I started the P90X work out and it is completely kicking my ass! This routine does not "start out slow and get harder..." nope, this is 100% intensity from day one...I'm talking RIP YOUR FACE OFF intense...I think my body is broken and we are only on Day 3....eeeesh! :(

Ally and Ethan started school today. Al's now in Middle School (is wasn't that long ago that I was in Jr High...scary!) and Ethan is in his Early Start Pre-School. I will be posting pics of their first days soon. Day 1 was a success, and I am ONE PROUD MOMMA!

The Cupcake Queen

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