Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Annual Temecula Special Games!

I have been meaning to post these for such a long time now! On March 19th was the 3rd Annual Special games (as you remember from my post below). Here are some of the pics that were taken by a professional photographer the City had out there...

What a beautiful morning...

The line of Special Games Volunteers ready to cheer on all the Participants at the start of the games.

Ethan wanted to cheer for everyone too!

Awwww, my sweet boy wanted to stop and give 5's!

He loves EVERYONE! lol

(we are blowing this pic up poster size to hang on the playroom wall. I LOVE it!)

All of our family and friends (on the left hand side) watching Ethan in the Jumper.

All the participants, Volunteers, and City members who put the games on.

God blessed us with such a GREAT day for such an AMAZING group of kids. :)

Click here to see ALL the pics from that great day!


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