Tuesday, April 19, 2011

So I go on verizonwireless.com last night, to go into my account and see what sort of upgrade I'm elligable for. $407.89?!?!?!?!?! How the eff is my next phone bill over $400?!?!?!?!? You see, my daughter and I are on the same plan where we share 700 mins and have unlimited texting. Our cell bill is usually around $113 a month, for the both of us and we have NEVER gone over! So I go online to look at the bill and the charges were correct, I actually went over 600 mins on my plan for last month. FML!! At this point I'm pissed cause it infuriates me to just piss an extra $300 away on a phone bill, not to mention that, now, upgrading my phone would be out of the question because I didn't want the added expense on top of the attrocious phone bill! So I call verizon to see what they can do...oh who am i kidding, I dialed the number, but it was my husband who talked to them. Since both mine and Al's contracts were up, Justin tried to strike a deal with them... With out making this post a hell of a lot longer than it needs to be, ill get to the point...

$407 bill
-$200 off to renew contract
=$207 bill PLUS they agreed to add "5 free/friends & family plan" so we wouldn't go over again
+$206 for new 4G iPhone
=$413 total

Basically I got the new iPhone for a total of $6... Lol they are overnighting it today and say it should be at the house tomorrow...I'm so excited. :)


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