Saturday, May 21, 2011

Ethan's birthday weekend (image heavy)

Ethan's birthday weekend was quite a busy one! When planning to have kids, Justin and I did a horrible job! lol Let me tell you why, Brooklyn was born 4/5, Ally 4/29, and Ethan, only 2 weeks later, on 5/13. So needless to say, those 5 weeks are CRAZY for us. But like every year, we made it through with flying colors. Ethan's actual birthday fell on a friday this year, and though we had a busy weekend ahead of us, we took him to Chuck E Cheese for the very first time. He absolutely LOVED IT! With the help of Dad and Big Sissy, he got a ton of tickets!(his fave part of the whole thing was collecting the tickets at the end.

For Ethan's BIG birthday present we decided to get him a swingset for the backyard. It was something we always wanted to get the kids, and we thought that even though it was Ethan's birthday present, all the kids could enjoy it. My Dad came up on Saturday morning, and with the help of Justin, our friend Joe, and my sister's boyfriend Mike, they built this thing from the ground up. And boy let me tell you, it was a rough 10hr job! Lol We had friends and family over for a BBQ and sang happy birthday to our little man.

Sunday morning we all woke up bright and early to continue our birthday adventure only to be bummed at the rainy, cold weather. Though it almost put a damper on our plans, we stuck it out and headed for Anaheim. I'm so glad we did because as soon as we pulled into Disneyland the skies were sunny and clear. It's been well over a year since we've had our Disneyland passes, and boy did we all miss that place! It was a great day! Ethan had so much fun celebrating his birthday and it was little Miss B's first trip! I hope you enjoy the pics!


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These pictures are so cute... And the playset is AWESOME!