Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Happy 4th birthday to my hero... (Image Heavy)

Since this weekend was so incredibly busy for us, I am just getting some extra time to post this blog...

For some parents, 4 yrs may seem like a lot of time for some, to others it may seem like the years flew by in a blur. For us, it seems like a lifetime ago this angel came into our lives. Ethan has been through so much in the last 4 yrs, and will continue to battle and push through medical obstacles as the yrs go on. As his parents; it has been quite the journey, but given the opportunity to do it all over again, I would.....just the same.

Happy birthday to my love, my hero, my son...

Our family of 3, waiting for the arrival of Ethan
 Sunday, 5-13-07, 3:17pm
My "Mother's Day" gift
Our first moments together
...already so in love...
about to be transported to Children's Hospital SD 4hrs after birth
The first picture I got of him (since I was still at the hospital he was born at)
The first time I got to see and hold him (day and a half old)
First family picture
Brother/Sister love
1 month--All smiles
UCI--2 months old (almost home)
3 months old... finally home.
1st Thanksgiving, 6 months old (2 days before his open heart surgery)
9 months old
First birthday!
Second Birthday!
Third Birthday!
"I'm 4!!!!"



Mama Branson said...

You have given birth to an Angel! Me & Joe are so thankful & blessed that you all let us be friends with you & we are so blessed to have have the privilege of knowing Ethan. He always puts a smile on our faces & greets us with lots of love & hugs & to "Ne Na Na" too. He is an icredible human being & I love way hing him grow & thrive. Thank you for allowing us to be part o you guys...we love you!

Debbie said...

Beautiful picture story of his four years!

jendurbin1977 said...

I must say.. This def. brought a tear to my eye. Love all the pics of him. Ethan is such a perfect little boy and so beautiful! I feel so privledged that you made me his god-mother. We are all blessed for having him in our lives..