Thursday, July 21, 2011

Anniversary weekend

Justin and I celebrated our 5th wedding anniversary on July 16th. A few months prior we started scouting out our options of where we would celebrate it. Lots of places were thrown around but the main ones were New York (again), New Orleans, a cruise, and Puerto Vallarta. Each time we decided on a place SOMETHING would come up and we had to change our plans. After babysitting, work, and scheduling issues I decided to save the money and not plan an anniversary trip at all. I was sort of bummed, but thought it would be for the best, and we would do something amazing next year.

Justin business partner took a vaca with his family leaving Justin in charge of everything. My husband is incredibly smart and talented, but I could tell after those 10 days, he was mentally and emotionally exhausted. Since he owns his own company and needs to make sure everything is running smoothly, taking excessive tine off is not an option. It was at that point I suggested we spend our anniversary in the place Justin loves more than anything...June Lake, CA in the Eastern Sierras.

Justin has gone up to June every year for the last 25yrs except for the year Ethan was born. I knew that if we didn't take the opportunity to go now, he wouldn't make it this year. We got our sitter set up (the wknd before our actual anniversary), and booked our room.

We had a great tine just hanging out, and being adults. We missed the kids like mad, but having time away was a nice break.

The night before we left, Justin surprised me with an anniversary present...he knew that though I love June Lake, it's not were I envisioned our spending our 5yr anniversary. Justin bought me a round trip plane ticket to go visit my BFF Jen, her husband Paull, and their new baby Emma, for their son Matthew's 1st birthday! I'm sooooooo super excited to see all of them again, as well as meet their new baby that is due the month prior. I was so surprised that Justin thought about that and actually bought the ticket without me even asking...He knows me so well.

All in all it was a great trip and I can't wait for next year! :)


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