Friday, July 22, 2011

Our Target finds today!

We went in looking for Sahara to add to Pretty's Lalaloopsy collection, and wound up finding Spot Splatter Splash! We all got even more excited when Ally noticed 4 new minis for her collection as well as 4 new "2nd Generation" minis (which we did not buy, and will not be collecting). To make the day even better, another sweet Lala Mom gave me a link to where I could buy the newest Lala coming out, Pepper Pots & Pans. She should be here Aug 2nd, And on Sept. 15th Peppy Pom Pom will be here to join the collection as well! :)

We're still on the lookout for Sahara Mirage. There are a couple Lala moms that offered to pick one up for me, but the thrill of finding them with my girls is awfully fun, so we may just keep looking. :)


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