Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Mommy/Daughter Disney Day!

This last Sunday we had all planned to go to Disneyland, but the littlest Lawlers got sick. :( It was my day to sleep in, so after I had my morning coffee, I talked the Hubs into watching the babies, while Ally & I went to Dland for the day. I know he was a little bummed, but he was a good sport about not being able to partake in the theme park fun. I try to make time on a daily basis to have "alone" time with each child... Whether it's while one of the little ones nap, goes to school, or for Ally, when the little ones go to bed for the night. But Ally is at an age right now where it's crucial that she knows I'm here for her if she needs me.

I'm completely aware of how quickly all of my children are growing up, but after spending the day with my oldest, my heart got a little sad... She is almost all grown up... She is smart, witty, funny, and amazingly beautiful. And though I'm proud of who she's become, I can't help but miss that sassy little baby girl, from all those years ago. Though she's not a little girl anymore, she'll always be my little girl, and I am sooooo thankful for the open relationship we have.

Baaaaack to the subject at hand, lol, Dland was a blast! I had forgotten how long it had been since I had been on most of the big rides, usually the Hubs takes Ally while I sit with the babies. We rode them all! It was a great day, and yet another reminder of how truly blessed we are. :)

Ally about lost her MIND when we found him!!! Jack is her ALL TIME favorite......ever. Lol the way she talked about him, after meeting him, was like she met a celebrity! Lol

Yes.... This was on

(p.s. They changed Space Mt. to a "scary" theme just for Halloween... It was pretty darn cool)

On the Matterhorn.
(I love, love, LOVE this pic of us... I'm going to frame it)

They had free "day of the dead" paintings over by the Mexican restaurant & Big Thunder Mountain Railroad (Frontierland) and yes, my GIRL has a mustache. Lol

Al & I both drew Goofy and Minnie. Mine are the top 2, her's are the bottom 2.

YES, we bought the souvenir bucket... YES, it was $12.... Lol


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