Sunday, September 11, 2011

Through the ashes...we have risen.

I was afraid I wasn't going to have time to post this today, I'm so glad I did...

10 years ago today, I was getting ready for (cosmetology) school, and my mom called me from work. "Turn on the TV, they're flying planes into the World Trade Center!" By the time I turned on TV, I witnessed the 2nd plane hit the 1st tower... I honestly didn't know what to think at that point... I wasn't thinking about who did this, or why they did it, all I would think about was how many people lost their lives at that moment.

When I got to school, there was a somber mood in the air. Everyone was sort of wandering around wondering what they should be doing. We ended up all leaving school early, returning to our homes to watch the rest of the coverage, in hopes to settle our fear, even slightly.

Pan to 8 years later, my husband and I visited New York City, and knew that going to Ground Zero was a must. At the time, they were still working on the memorial site, so most of the view was obstructed. We did visit St. Paul's Chapel which was used as a "resting place" for police and firefighters that took their breaks during their shifts of sifting through the also housed the chain-link fences that were around ground zero, shortly after it collapsed. Like the Oklahoma bombing memorial, those fences has pictures, stuffed animals, and letters from mothers, fathers, husbands, wives, sisters, brothers, and children either looking for their loved ones....or using that fence as their last place to say "good bye."

I didn't take any pictures inside of the Chapel because I didn't feel right taking pictures of people's pain...their loss.... but I will never forget that site, and the tears I cried for the people I never knew.

As I try to gather into words how I feel on this day, 10 years after the most tragic thing that has happened during my lifetime, I feel at a loss for words.

My heart, tears, and love goes out to each and every person that lost someone that day... My gratitude and admiration goes out to each and every fireman, police officers, and volunteers that helped the beautiful city of NYC push forwards.

Never forget.....


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