Monday, October 17, 2011

The Walking Dead...

My husband (and a few friends) got into The Walking Dead from the very first episode last year. My husband, knowing that I HATE zombies would DVR the show and watch it while I was out or on a night I wanted to catch up on my reading. Well as some of you may know, last night was the season premiere of Season 2.... The Hubs REALLY wanted me to give the show a chance and watch it with him last night. He swore up and down that the show wasn't actually about Zombies, but that they were the side story of some sort. So I decided to be a good sport and watch the show with him.

What.A.Mistake. That show is not only ALL ABOUT ZOMBIES, but is one of the biggest pieces of crap I've seen in a long time! The zombies were disgusting and the acting was horrific!!!! (and I know all about horrible acting, I'm a fan of the Twilight films. Lol) One of my favorite movies is Love Actually, and I truly loved Andrew Lincoln in that movie... But he SUCKED in this show and his southern accent is a joke!

All in all, I gave it a shot and I think the Hubs will have to stick to watching it by himself.

I give The Walking Dead two VERY ENTHUSIASTIC thumbs DOWN!


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