Sunday, April 24, 2011

Doo Wop

So tomorrow is my last day of work and I finally get to be ME again. For the last 6 1/2yrs of conforming to a company's rules and regulations, I've had to make sure my look wasn't too "out there"... Ever since I went to Cosmetology school, I've always had my hair a little on the edgy side, whether it was the radical chunks, the black and bright red, or the black with platinum underneath. Time to finally be able to go back to the old me. Don't get me wrong, I'm a mom of 3 so I like to be able to "hide" my wilder side when the situation calls for it, but it's going to be nice not to have to play by anyone's else's rules. Below is a pic of my hair now ( I took the pic yesterday afternoon) and the ones below it are some of the colors I've narrowed down. Of course I'm staying red because I've been told it's the best suited color on me. There are 2 colors out of the pics below that I like best, but I wanted to get some input.... So help me out friends!!!
Please and thank you :)













Anonymous said...

I like the color from #9. That is super cute.. JEn

Mama Branson said...

#3 for suuuure!