Tuesday, May 24, 2011

SAHM Update..

So it's been one whole month that I have officially been a SAHM. I am still getting into the swing of things, and trying to get my own routine down. The kids have always been on a strict eating/sleeping routine ever since they were all little, and of course with how busy our schedule's been in the last 4 yrs, we have it down to a science now. I do have a hard time balancing the "me time," and because of that, I don't get much of it. My own fault I guess.... I will have to say it is nice being able to stay home, though there are days I miss stimulating conversations...in fact, I found myself talking to a spider that I had squashed on the pavement today...hmmm, I guess THAT can't be good...lol

I will admit that the transition from working mom to stay at home mom was  more difficult than I thought. I actually think it was easier to work AND take care of the kids. You see, when I went back to work after having Ethan (Sept. 2007) Justin and I worked out a schedule to where our children would NEVER have to go to daycare. If I wasn't with the kids, then Justin was with the kids. My work was great enough to let me work 4 days a week, and work split shifts (2 mornings, and 2 swing) so that I was with the kids 80% of the time. Fact of the matter, I loved my job, and I loved MOST of the people I worked with ;) . I miss them, but still talk to a lot of them.

One of the great things about staying home is I am finally able to start on my projects I've had for this house, since we bought it. I can FINALLY finish my cupcake kitchen, my bedroom and master bath are getting a complete overhaul, the kids playroom loft will FINALLY  be complete, and my newest projects is re-decorating ALL of the kids bedrooms. Ally is doing "Nightmare Before Christmas" (of course), For Brooklyn's room we are doing a New York/Central Park theme, and to much of my displeasure, my husband picked Ethan's room to be themed in Yo Gabba Gabba. lol Should be fun working on these projects and getting them completed. Of course, I will blog the process...

One thing I am excited and looking forward to is planning our 5yr Anniversary trip, coming up in July. I'm really hopping we can go back to NYC, but when your husband owns his own company and needs to be there to see stuff through, it's a bit tough.

So here's to 1 month down, and many more to come. :)


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